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Globe Valve Supplier in Maharashtra

Globe Valve Supplier in Maharashtra

VB Valves and Automation is one among the leading Globe Valve Supplier in Maharashtra. It comes with giant sort of internal seat construction variants. Theses Globe Valve are helpful for flow management or on/off isolation of fluids and these are factory-made from the superior quality of the material. Advanced machinery is employed within the production of Globe Valves that consists of cutting machine, drilling machine. We are one among the best Globe Valve supplier in Mumbai  Providing these valves at reasonable price in Maharashtra.

We are Prominent   Valve Dealer  in Maharashtra.Globe Valve are ideally unidirectional . These will be utilized for isolation additionally as for flow management. The flow characteristics of a Globe Valve Supplier in Mumbai are straightforward {to management to regulate to manage} hence flow control will be achieved at any open position. This makes the planning appropriate for choking application. Globe Valve Supplier in Maharashtra have superior strength and long cycle life. Pillar yoke construction provides easy accessibility to bonnet & packing rings for maintenance. All valves are factory-made in accordance with the most recent business standards. We provide this valve to our purchasers in various dimensions, sizes and technical specifications in line with their varied necessities. Offered Globe Valve Supplier in Mumbai  notice correctness for choking and shut-off actions and are put in for handling media pressure with most well-liked flow direction beneath the disc.

Wide range of sizes in globe valve right from 2″ to 24″ (DN- 50 to DN -600) and pressure rating ranges from #150 to #2500. Higher pressure rating and bigger sizes can also be provided.

Cast Steel Globe Valve

P& Pressure seal roduct type : Standard Globe valves

  •  The disc accurately mates the hard faced surface of the seat
  • Disc hard long-faced with 13Cr, ground and lapped with seat (Other choices available)
  • Body and bonnet joint accurately machined. absolutely swallowed seal for higher protection
  •  Seat face: hard faced and lapped to superior finish


  •  Flanges: standard as per B16.5, et al. as per SB, AWWA, EN, DIN Etc
  • Raised face with serrations (125-250 AARH) alternative choices accessible
  • Stuffing box inner surface with terribly swish end for superior secretory organ protection
  •  Universal trim, stem 13Cr, Face disc thirteen atomic number 24
  • Various choices in trim accessible upon request
  • In Globe Valves Integral seat ensures correct seating of plug similarly as protection


  •  Designed for hassle free and consistent operation
  • Manufacturing with advanced processes for best results and longevity
  • Superior strength because of Single piece cast Stem
  • Automatically adjusts the slight misalignments caused by pipeline deflections & thermal deformation

Specification – Globe Valve:

  •  Pressure Rating #150 Through #2500(Higher Pressure classes available on request)
  • Sizes 2″ TO 24″ (DN-50 TO DN-600)(Bigger sizes available on request)
  • MFG Standards BS 1883 / ASME B16.34
  •  Standard Connections Flanged / Buttweld
Globe Valve
Globe Valve Supplier

Forged Steel Globe Valve


Easy to maintain solid steel Globe Valve Supplier in Maharashtra are ideal for isolation applications in power, oil & gas and chemical industries. on the market in solid steel, steel and stainless-steel materials.

These Valves are on the market fully port and reduced port kind openings, and usually on the market in socket weld ends. Flanged or butt-weld ends are often provided just in case of specific needs. All valves square measure factory-made in accordance with the most recent business standards.

Product type : Forged Steel Valves

  • Seat rings are a section of Valve trim. These are flaring into the Valve body and fitted into place, so forming sealing with body. Seating surfaces are machined, ground & lapped to get most sealing potency.
  •  Stem is a component of Valve trim. Stem is given the integral backseat shoulder that mates with the integral backseat of bonnet


  • Body and bonnet is meant as per the dimensional necessities of standards like API 602, ISO 15761 and ASME B16.34.
  • Bonnet has integral backseat and consists of chamber, designed as per specification of API 602 and ISO 15761.
  • Seat ring is integral and hard faced
  •  Stem has double begin ACME Thread for smooth and fast operation


  • Smooth and quick operation.
  • Manufacturing with advanced processes for best results and longevity
  •  Excellent protection potency

Specification – Globe Valve:

  • Pressure Rating ASME #150 to #2500
  • Size 15 mm to 50 mm
  • MFG Standards API 602, BS 5352 (BSEN ISO 15761), BS 1873
  • Standard Connections Threaded